You`ll have much more success selling your condo to a foreigner if he can buy/register it under his own name.

    Foreigners can buy a condo only under their own names if it the condo unit can be sold under “foreigner quota”. This means, that within a condominium building, 49% of all units resp. of the total surface area of this particular building, can be sold to foreigners.

    So in case the amount of foreign owned condo units in your condo building is below 49%, you can still sell your condo to a foreigner and he can register it to his own name. Just ask your condo management if you can sell your condo under the “foreigner quota”.

    If this is the case, click “YES” at the field “foreigner quota” when you advertise your condo.

    Wishing you lots of success.
    Your team at Thailand-Property-Gate